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Sleep is a complex process and essential for the body to function properly.

There are three main theories on the role of sleep:

  • it allows us to recover from the day’s physical and mental exertions
  • it allows us to conserve energy
  • it is crucial for proper brain development

Therefore, when someone suffers from a sleep disorder, every aspect of their daily life may be impacted.

Sleep disorders should be closely monitored to minimize their negative effects. It is essential to identify the real cause of the problem so that the right treatment can be applied.

Several things can interfere with sleep quality, such as personal characteristics, biological factors, an unhealthy lifestyle or a difficult situation.

Various sleep disorders can be observed in the general public: insomnia, excessive sleepiness, arousal disorders, sleep-related breathing disorders, restless leg syndrome, etc.

The most common disorder is insomnia, which is characterized by an unsatisfactory sleep quality or quantity. 19% of the general population reports suffering from chronic insomnia.

Sleep disorders can have numerous impacts, including:

  • a higher risk of falling asleep
  • slower reaction times
  • reduced alertness, concentration and attention
  • a loss of motivation

They can also be a cause of absenteeism and presenteeism, which are increasingly problematic and costly issues for organizations.

Recommended habits to promote better sleep include:

  • adopting a regular sleep schedule
  • practicing relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques
  • avoiding heavy meals and sugary foods in the evening
  • exercising regularly
  • avoiding smartphone use at least an hour before bedtime

Sleep disorders are part of many peoples’ everyday life. They can be caused by many things, including both life events and physical factors.

A medical professional can help you sort things out and recommend appropriate solutions to start sleeping better again and, accordingly, achieve a better quality of life.

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